Photonics Undergrad Research

Photonic Butterfly

My-first-research project was in Toronto, a very formative time for me as a scientist. I was in the lab of Prof. Geof Ozin, a British ex-pat materials scientist. I loved it and really thought that I was going to become a solid state chemist! How things change.

Anyway, my project was on biochemically tuneable photonic crystals – using biochemistry to change the flow of light through a solid. Thinking about it, this was an AWEOSME project to give an undergrad. It was fun, interesting and a genuinely new bit of science. Thanks Geof.

I’ve put thesis online for the sake of┬ácompleteness. It was my very first piece of independent research, but I’m still proud of it.

As for the butterfly – it’s one of the rare organisms that utilises photonic crystals rather than pigment to colour it’s wings.

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